Consulting, architecting, designing, developing, deploying, or managing – Open Systems has the experience and skills to offer deployment services that not only meet today’s requirements, but also be good for future changes. OSG follows the latest architectures like ITIL for successful deployment. With the breadth of domain knowledge, OSG speeds up the entire deployment process - even when the solution includes multiple, complex products for a large enterprise.

As IT plays a critical role in the tactical and strategic business decision-making process, our clients find that they need to work with skilled professionals who know the latest technology and are extremely proficient in ERP, data management, SCM, quality assurance, and application development and project implementation.

The engineers at OSG have vast experience working with companies in various markets to get fast results using multiple technologies. We deliver consistent, professional consulting services time and again.


With over 7 billion mobile devices in use, mobile computing is no longer optional, but a strategic technology to expand the customer base and also to extend the enterprise capabilities beyond conventional methods to improve workforce productivity.

Moving to mobile platforms is requiring architectural changes to their products or services, thereby increasing the costs and resources. OSG specializes in finding innovative ways to keep the budget impact to a minimum and yet helping the businesses leverage the potential of mobile computing.

The following mobile expertise is offered by OSG:

  • Strategic Technical Planning
  • Enterprise-Level Migrations
  • Mobile Application Design, Development And Maintence
  • Mobile Apps Marketing Strategy

Big Data has brought about a paradigm shift in the way industry looks at storing and consuming data. OSG’s BD&A practice has helped many organizations manage their big data and reap rich benefits through OSG’s BD-SMART model: Simplify, Manage, Architect, Relate, and Train

SIMPLIFY:The key to generating actionable insights is to understand, comprehend and share information in a manner that is easy to act upon. This is what we do at OSG BD.

MANAGE:Organizations are investing heavily in capturing, storing and managing data. OSG’s big data consultants help you make right decisions with regard to what to capture, how long to store it and what insights you might gleam. We also provide expertise in managing data efficiently—letting you to stay focused on your core business.

ANALYZE: Data to information to actions. That’s what is needed for organizations to fully leverage the benefits of big data. OSG possesses both the functional industry knowledge and data analysis skills to help you mine data efficiently and productively.

REALIZE: The cost of investment in big data should help you realize the business benefits in a tangible manner. Our big data business template is designed to bring out the realized benefits and help businesses track them.

TRAIN: Migrating to a big data platform, integrating, merging structured and unstructured data, and analytics is not enough. Tools have to be trained in order to reduce human intervention and also to factor in historic data to improve precision. OSG brings in this intelligence through the in-house code frameworks—helps train the tools faster, thereby reducing the service charges further down for the customer.

Faster, cheaper, and scalable – the focus areas that define the Cloud environment of today. In a market environment where infrastructures as well as applications are moving towards Cloud, OSG has end-to-end services that enable companies to migrate to, scale up on and leverage the unique business efficiencies and advantages provided by the cloud. This combined with our native expertise in IT put us in an unique position to be your cloud partner in a highly volatile and challenging business environment.

OSG offers the following services in the cloud:

CONSULTATION: Designed to consider the complexities in understanding cloud benefits against organizational requirements, helping customers take informed decisions in transitioning to the cloud. Consultation also includes an end-to-end report, detailing the tangible benefit projections, challenges, and roadmap – all based on our insightful study of your existing environment.

MANAGEMENT SERVICES: OSG develops, deploys, and maintains applications in the cloud environment, providing greater scalability, high availability by leveraging cloud services including storage, network, and database.

CLOUD MIGRATION SERVICES: The migration services are specifically for moving application from existing infrastructure to the Cloud using SaaS/IaaS / PaaS based service model.

CLOUD INTEGRATION SERVICES The Integration services are used to connect the on-premises applications to cloud applications or cloud infrastructure.


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