Banking/Financial Services - A long term play

With costs rising disproportionately to incomes and financial institutions coming under increasing regulatory pressure, customer experience is becoming a key differentiator in business. This among other factors give rise to opportunities arise that in the long term could yield significant benefits.

Open Systems Global specializes in building the kind of intuitive user experiences that create user loyalty. We also see significant opportunity in building, fast-prototyping and rolling out new products to suit changing market tastes.

Financial organizations across the globe leverage our expertise to optimize processes, innovate, and transform their businesses in the new millennium.

Insurance & Healthcare - Integration is the key

Increasing the quality of service is a key focus area in today's Insurance & Healthcare sector. However, cost pressures and challenges arising out of market volatility and economic instability remain. There is also a growing need to unify Insurance & Healthcare services under a single window to provide uniform service and incorporate corporate branding.

Open Systems Globals proven methodologies combined with continuous and dynamic benchmarking enables companies to constantly up the ante while our advanced testing facilities and Centers of Excellence help quickly and reliably prototype products for the market.

Our highly adaptable global delivery models, comprehensive know-how and services across the value chain enable companies in this highly competitive sector to gain the business edge and thrive.


Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences - Managing innovation in Pharma and Life Sciences

OSGs vertical focus in the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector focuses on using IT to address key business goals across the Pharma and Life Sciences industry for both business owners and consumers. OSG combines in-depth pharma and life sciences industry experience with management consulting, technology, and business process outsourcing capabilities and assets to provide business services that deliver measurable business outcomes.

Offered services:
  • Development
  • Supply Chain Consultation And Transformation
  • IT Enablement For Life Sciences

Manufacturing - Achieving excellence in production and supply

We are committed toward helping our customers derive value through their IT investments. We conceptualize, develop, optimize, and manage manufacturing industry specific services and solution. We work closely with leaders in the industry to understand changing trends, evolving needs and how to address surfacing challenges.

Offered services:
  • Optimize Manufacturing Operations
  • Implement Lean Supply Chain Management Solutions
  • Strategize Customer Experience Process And Solutions
  • Leveraging Industry Best Practices And Methodologies

Retail - Deliver personalized shopping experiences

Faster, cheaper, better customer service customers today are an evolved lot. Today's consumers are shopping online extensively, even from mobile devices. And even when they are not shopping, they are evaluating retailers and products, or reading reviews online. OSG helps retailer business owners identify gaps and build solutions to bridge the gaps for greater revenues.

We help you develop new capabilities to meet the demands of the ever-changing, volatile retail marketplace. Our end-to-end retail services span across consulting, technology implementation and support in:

  • Business Intelligence And Analytics
  • E-Commerce And Mobile Commerce Solutions
  • Testing And QA
  • Custom Applications And Enterprise Integration

Telecom - Provide superior services through customer-centric solutions

Globally, the telecommunication industry is one of the most dynamic and competitive. In the past decade alone, the industry has evolved tremendously due to dramatic changes in the way people communicate.

OSGs Telecom Industry consulting, technology and support practice helps the strategy, operations, IT and business functions of telecom service providers.

Our Telecom industry specialists offer the right business case and technology to help your company identify new opportunities, maximize growth and avoid predictable setbacks. From mobile spectrum, Internet broadband, network infrastructure to the evolution of devices, Open Systems provides hand in glove services.

Our specialists are well equipped to help you building end-to-end network infrastructures, administration, and security services, payment gateways, consumer usage trends and other vertical-market opportunities.

Hi-Tech - Technology offerings for Hi-Tech industry

The Hi-Tech industry is driven by intense competition and continuous product innovation to address new markets across the world. As a consequence, supply chain efficiencies are becoming critical and manufacturing processes are becoming complex.

Open Systems consulting group helps Hi-Tech business to accelerate speed to market and outreach the global markets. Our experts provide business ideas ranging from packaging, delivery, pricing, and customization of your products and services. The industry experts at Open Systems are versed with compliance requirements of different markets in different countries, and can help you align your organization with the compliance requirements as well.

Our services in this sector:

  • Consulting
  • Product/Application Development
  • Enterprise Service
  • Enhancement Of Supply Chain And Manufacturing Operations
  • Sales and Service Transformation
  • Compliance And Security Requirements

Utilities - A value-driven approach to serve Utilities industry

As the population and economies of the developing world expand dramatically, their appetite for energy and utilities is also exploding.

OSG consulting applies a well sorted multidisciplinary approach to help transform the utility companies for the future. We integrate our industry, business, and technical expertise across a breadth of services, including technology, operations, and workforce.

Our seasoned practitioners combine hands-on technical knowledge and in-depth experience developed by working with various utility companies. Our collaborative mechanisms help us build and sustain enduring relationships with our clients by offering integrated solutions that address the market demands today and in future.

Government - Full cycle support for government clients

With the ability to deploy highly specialized, experienced, and cleared personnel within a short time frame, OSG services for Government sector is a premier partner for Government projects with strict deadlines and high service level requirements. We strive to develop true partnerships with government bodies by working to understand their unique environments from the onset of every engagement. This ensures delivery of the highest quality consultants in a timely fashion and has enabled OSG to become the premier vendor for many Government organizations, such as:

  • Defence
  • Telecommunications
  • Agriculture
  • Research
  • Healthcare
  • finance
  • Logistics
  • Security
  • Infrastructure
  • Information Technology

Leveraging on-site, off-site, and off-shore expertise, OSG provides our clients the maximum impact with minimal costs and management responsibilities. With offices in the United States, Canada, and India, OST specializes in placing resources across the Finance, Insurance, Technology, Accounting, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Marketing, and Operations disciplines.

OST additionally offers a number of project solutions and services, ranging from ERP implementation to product life cycle management


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